Dog Lovers Unite: Top 5 Dog Apps

After recently adopting a puppy from the animal shelter, I have realized that I may have been a little over my head at first. I have compiled a list of the best apps for dog lovers who need a little help!

  1. BringFido
    Price: FREE
    Why It Is Awesome: Ever wanted to bring your dog on the road with you, but don’t know where you would stay? BringFido is a travel directory that provides truthful reviews and detailed pet policy information to more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels and thousands of bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and campgrounds in 150 countries worldwide. They even have the low down on airlines and pets! Whether its for a planned vacation or a last minute getaway, BringFido is the best way to go.

    For iPhone users, click here to download.
    For Android users, here is a similar, free app!
    Don’t forget to check out as well!

  2. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross
    American Red Cross Pet First AidPrice: $0.99 (iOS & Android)
    Why It Is Awesome: It is the cheapest pet first aid app in both iTunes and Google Play. It has all the tools you need in case of an emergency. It locates the nearest vet hospital, and helps pet owners learn to treat anything from allergic reactions to bleeding .

    For iPhone users, click here to download.
    For Android users, click here to download.

  3. BarkCam
    BarkCam AppPrice: FREE (Only available on iOS)
    Why It Is Awesome: If you looked at my camera roll, you would find 90% of the photos are of Chloe. The hardest thing is getting her to focus to get that perfect picture. Well, if your pup is anything like that, this app is made for you.  It is created by Barkbox, the monthly subscription box made for dogs. It has a unique feature to the camera; when capturing the photo, it plays an ear-perking sound that will make your pup’s ears perk up!

    For iPhone users, click here to download.
    This app is currently not available in Google Play.

  4. Walk For a Dog
    Walk for a Dog AppPrice: FREE
    Why It Is Awesome: Just think about this as a “Map My Run” app for those times when you take your dog on a walk. What makes this app worth the download though? I asked the same question when coming across it. For every mile you and your dog walk, the company Wolftrax, INC, will donate money to an animal shelter or rescue organization of your choice! This is such a creative way to make walks with your dog more fun!!

    For iPhone users, click here to download.
    For Android users, click here to download.

  5. DogVacay
    DogVacay AppPrice: FREE
    Why It Is Awesome: Thinking about taking off but don’t want to pay the outrageous kennel fees? Or maybe your pup needs to be checked on during the way while you are at work. This is where DogVacay comes in; it is a huge network of pet sitters located around you. There is a rating system so people can leave reviews. It has free pet insurance and24/7 call center to make sure your pup and the sitter are okay.

    For iPhone users, click here to download.
    Sorry Android users, the app isn’t available yet.
    But, you can always check out their website to find a pet sitter near you.

Did I miss any amazing apps? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Unite: Top 5 Dog Apps

  1. Sarah says:

    I have a rescue as well form the Humane Society! Since reading this I have downloaded several of these apps. Being a dog owner is a lot of work, and as I am sure you know is even more with a rescue. Thanks for the tips! I love the Walk For A Dog app the most because when Bailey and I walk every day we can give back to other dogs just like her!

  2. Caroline says:

    I have 2 dogs and these apps are amazing! We have utilized the “Bring Fido” app when we have to go somewhere last minute and don’t have anyone that can dog-sit for us. I had never heard of the Walk for A Dog app, but I am certainly about to download it because my dogs go on long walks everyday and if I am able to give back while walking them, that is a bonus! Thank you for the tips!!

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