Snapchat Update: Best Friend Emojis

When rolling out the Discover option, many were disappointed that the best friends feature had been disabled. Snapchat employees swore that it would be back, and fans finally got what they wanted…sorta.

Introducing Friend Emojis

Instead of being able to see someone’s best friend, Snapchat created a more private way to see who you are closest too, and how they feel about you. According to, here is a directory of what the different emojis mean:

  • 💛- Gold Heart – You’re #1 Best Friends – The person you send snaps to most sends snaps to you most too
  • 😬- Grimace/Grit Teeth – You Have A Mutual #1 Best Friend – The person you send snaps to most is also who this person sends snaps to most
  • 😊– Smile – One Of Your Best Friends – This is one of the people you send snaps to most
  • 😎- Sunglasses – You Have A Mutual Best Friend – One of the people you send snaps to most is also one of the people this person sends snaps to most
  • 😏- Smirk – You’re Their Best Friend But They’re Not Yours – You’re one of the people they send snaps to most, but they’re not one of the people you send snaps to most
  • 🔥- Fire – You Two Are On A Snapstreak – You and this person have sent snaps back and forth for the number of consecutive days shown

Snapchat decided to hide this update, and say in the description it was just “bug fixes and improvements to make Snapchat faster”. Snapchat hid the directions to use these emojis in their Discover Channel.

low-light camera

Emojis were not the only thing added. The update also contained a low-light camera option in the shape of the moon. When turning it on, it automatically brighten what you are looking at, making it perfect for snapchats at night.

Why do some people need love?

snapchat update needs love

You may have noticed a section under your list of  “recents” called “Needs Love”. Snapchat is now reminding you to send snaps to people you haven’t in a while. It does not mean that they aren’t getting any “snap love”, just not from you.

Below are some screenshots from the update:

What do you think of the most recent update? are you a fan of the new ‘best friend’ feature? Why or Why Not?


13 thoughts on “Snapchat Update: Best Friend Emojis

  1. lizzykeels says:

    I’m so glad this has been clarified…I was so confused! They are still a little hard to keep up with and I sometimes miss my “3 best friends” but the emojis make it more fun. Also, I realize how much I snap some of my best friends and I could definitely find something more productive to do!

  2. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much for going through and explaining all of the changes. I was so confused when I opened up my Snapchat one day to see all of these new features and I had no idea what was going on. The emojis caught me off guard the most and I could not figure out what they meant for the life of me. Thank you for clarifying the meanings of the different emojis and the fact that there is now a “lowlight” camera option!

  3. joanpalumbo says:

    Snapchat is so fun to use but the most recent update has been so confusing! Thanks for clearing everything up. I think that I would rather it just be how it used to be when you could see someone’s top three friends instead of all the different emojis.

  4. Alexandra Schneider says:

    All I have to say is THANK YOU. Ever since snapchat updated, I’ve been so confused as to what those emojis meant. I also had no idea about the low-light camera! Thank you for this post now I’m in the loop hahah.

  5. chloeramjohn says:

    Thank goodness you made this post because I have just been staring at those emojis wondering why they were there and what they even meant! I didn’t even know they had meaning honestly. But I do think it is kind of a pointless update really. No one is really going to remember what all of those mean at the end of the day. Snapchat tried something but I don’t really see it being that useful.

  6. dacebarefoot says:

    So I actually just got snapchat the other day and this emoji thing helps a lot. I was initially super confused by the smiley faces that just kept growing on the side but I just ignored it. Thanks for the heads up

  7. postgradpanicattack says:

    Thank you for finally explaining the emojis! I was so confused! I think snapchat adding more features is pretty cool (especially the low light camera) I just hate that they took away 3 best friends (and the ability to stalk other peoples’ best friends!).

  8. emarie1992 says:

    At first I thought the new emoji features were kind of cheesy, but they have definitely grown on me over the last few weeks. Even though it’s still not the same as the previous best friend feature; I do like that you can have more than 3 best friends in that section, because it’s easier to send a snap chat to multiple people who you snap the most. Also, I thought Snap Chat was pretty clever in choosing what each emoji represents.

  9. kaytelyn says:

    I think the addition of the emojis is ridiculous, but also hilarious! I wish we could still stalk everyone’s best friends, I mean we’re all nosy, and stalkers deep down, why do they have to take it away?!?!?!

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