How to: Use Your Phone as a Scanner

Throughout my four years in college, I have learned some tricks of the trade; how to register for classes, the best time to get books, and how to use my phone as a scanner.  Ever needed to send a pdf of a document that needed to be signed, but didn’t have a way to scan it back? I’ve got the solution.

Scannable by Evernote
Price: FREE
Why It’s Awesome: Scannable is a quick and easy to use app that turns the overwhelming pile of paper into high quality PDF’s that can be saved and shared. The app automatically recognizes the business cards, receipts and any other paper you can imagine, and crops them.

For iPhone/iPad users, click here.

Scanner Pro

Price: On sale $2.99, Regular Price $4.99 // Also has a free version
Why It’s Awesome: First off, I got this app for free during a past Apple Store promotion during Christmas time. I prefer this one to Scannable because of one feature: folders. I am too OCD to have everything unorganized in a stream. Scanner Pro takes the extra step and let’s users make multiple folders to organize all the PDF’s in the app.

For iPhone/iPad Users, click here. For the free version, click here.

Because both of these apps are for Apple products only, I wanted to include a option for android users. I can not review it because I do not have any android devices, but here is a free version you can download! 

Image Sources:

“Keep Calm” Image
“Scannable by Evernote” Image
“Scanner Pro” Image


8 thoughts on “How to: Use Your Phone as a Scanner

  1. Caro says:

    How did I not know about this? I had to ask 5 friends if they had a scanner the other day. These apps are going to be so useful to have! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Noah Holmes says:

    This is a really cool blog post. I am a little behind on the innovations of technology and how everything works. These scanners are pretty cool. I am going to check some of these Apps out!

  3. meghanehockaday says:

    This is great! I have never used my phone as a scanner before and keep telling myself I’m going to try it out!

  4. katiebellknotts says:

    This is so cool, both as an app and a blog. I’m definitely not as savvy about apps as I’d like to be (I blame the Windows phone!), but this is really helpful and honestly, I didn’t know you could do such a thing.

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