Podcast: Hashtagging Emojis & Dropbox

Hashtagging Emojis & Dropbox Updates



In today’s podcast we will be talking about Instagram’s latest updates and Dropbox’s new features. We are joined by Andrea Cole, a senior accounting and marketing major graduating in December. I have included screenshots and links for the app updates if you would like to read further or download any of the items discussed today!

instagram’s update

Instagram’s Blog

New Filter Options: (image source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.04.36 PM

Sign up for Dropbox today!

Commenting Feature: (image source)

Download Dropbox App (Available for iPhone, android, windows, blackberry, kindle fire)

iPhone Download | Android Download | Window’s Download


3 thoughts on “Podcast: Hashtagging Emojis & Dropbox

  1. minickva2015 says:

    Okay, first, the layout of your blog is awesome!! Its very clean and simple! I enjoyed this post a lot and your podcast is great. I like that you included enough detailed information about dropbox and the instagram update to help you listeners understand what you are talking about without having to scramble to look up information.

  2. kohlerka says:

    I’m so glad that you blogged about the Instagram update because I just noticed it today and was so confused as to when they came around! Maybe I’m clueless, but I was glad to hear you explain it.

  3. kaytelyn says:

    Love your explanations and again, like the first commenter mentioned, I love that you included images along with your commentary so that’s its easier to follow! great content!

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