Meet Grace

Hello WORLD!

My name is Grace and I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am 20-something year old college graduate. I got “thrown” into the 8-5 life at a marketing and advertising agency downtown. I thrive with to-do lists and post-it notes.

About the blog: 

I started this blog, “All About That App” for a social media class spring semester of my senior year, covering technology and app updates. After graduation, I wanted to turn this blog into something more, hence why I changed the name to graceland. Watch as I take on the world one post-it note and Google search at a time. 



One thought on “Meet Grace

  1. Bri Labbate says:

    First off, I love this blog, as well as your online portfolio. It’s clean, modern, and the header looks great. Sadly I have a Windows phone and cannot download most of the apps you discuss, however, even still, it’s amazing what is available to be downloaded. There are so many niche markets out there right now. I can tell you spent a lot of time researching the app info-it makes you seem very credible!

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